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------ - HOW TO BUY -



STEP 1 . Order

Please click the "Order" button to fill in the order form of the cars that you are looking for.

STEP 2 . Negotiations

We will reply you as soon as possible and give you a more detailed explanation.

STEP 3 . Invoicing

As soon as the order is confirmed we will send you the invoice.
(If you haven't receive the Invoice by this time, please contact us).

STEP 4 . Payment

Make your payment (FOB price and freight).

STEP 5 . Shipping

Our logistics staff will arrange the Shipping after confirming the payment as soon as.

STEP 6 . Documents

We'll send you all the documents of your shipping as Bill of Lading, Shipping Invoice in Export Certificate by express mail.

STEP 7 . Registration

With these documents you can clear customs in your country. ( The procedures for vehicle registration are different for each region. if you have questions you should ask to the local authorities in your country).













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